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Seal or expunge your criminal record — for an arrest anywhere in Florida, juvenile or adult.

A Real Opportunity To Clear Your Name

If you have been arrested for any criminal offense, arrest records and records of your court proceedings are available to anyone who can get online or mail a letter. Your job, credit rating, professional license, student loan, credit rating, insurance rates and even social relationships may be adversely affected.

So long as your arrest record remains open, your background check will likely reveal that you have been locked up: even if you were not prosecuted. If you went to trial and were found not guilty, if you pled guilty or no-contest, you have a public record that is available for all to see and distribute.

The law allows anyone who meets certain requirements a second chance to protect their name. You could qualify to have your arrest record made non-public or actually physically sealed. There are certain requirements that must be met and conditions that we must discuss.

The court has the authority to enter an order that would instruct the Clerk of the Court, Sheriff’s Department, other police agency, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and any other governmental agency to either seal your record or physically destroy it.

Put The Past Behind You, Once And For All

I offer a special criminal law service to take certain convictions out of the public eye. Basically, this is the procedure:

We will obtain your Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Once we receive your certificate, I will bring your request before the court and petition the judge to enter the proper order. This service is available state-wide.

I provide this service for free to those clients that I have defended in criminal matters. If you have been represented by other private counsel, the Public Defender, Office of Regional Conflict Counsel or otherwise, a budget professional fee is charged for this service.

Do not be fooled by those who offer to provide you with simple forms to complete. This is a process that requires professional counsel and guidance in order to properly work for you!

The Cost Is Low And The Benefits Are Great; Find Out More Today

Do not feel shamed by the mistakes of the past. Get that record sealed or even have your convictions expunged. Call Joel M. Cohen free today at 850-748-5905 or send me a message here. You can even text me directly at 850-748-5905, 24 hours a day.