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Few Things In Life Are More Terrifying Than Losing Your Freedom

The snap of restraints cuffing your hands, one-way transportation in the back seat of a police cruiser and the degrading booking process are signals that a life-changing experience is in progress.

Don’t Be Fooled By Cop Shows On TV

Investigators are trained in the art of interviewing and their focus is extracting statements from those suspected of crimes. Investigators know what makes us tick, they interrogate every day and the confessions they obtain usually hold up in court. Sometimes those confessions make the difference between a defensible case, no prosecution, not-guilty verdict or being trapped in a hopeless prosecution, doing our best for a plea.

Make no mistake; confessing to a crime is not the only way you may get yourself in deeper trouble.

Attempting to convince the police that you were not involved only helps them weave their case around you. Alibis with inaccurate times (…Where were you at 7 PM last Thursday?), the psychology involved in the “cleansing process” (“You’ll feel better if you talk about it….”), and the opportunity to obtain a favorable resolution (“I’ll put in a good word for you….”) are all tactics designed to make prosecuting criminal charges easier for the state and more difficult for you to defend.

The Bottom Line

Rule 2: Remain Silent

What is Rule 1? Call your lawyer.

I am a highly experienced northwest Florida criminal defense attorney who can represent you in cases involving:

  • Pretrial diversion/intervention/release
  • Bond reduction
  • Violation of probation/community control
  • Negotiated pleas
  • Jury and judge Trials
  • Suppression of illegally obtained evidence
  • Sealing/expungement of arrest/court records

Fees For Legal Services

I am sensitive to your needs and ability to pay for professional services. Most people do not have “dream team” resources. We keep our fees in reach of most working families and can arrange to structure them according to your unique requirements.

We provide affordable services and offer budget and installment fee options.

Rule Number 1: Call Attorney Joel M. Cohen

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