Pensacola Bankruptcy Law Attorney

Pensacola Bankruptcy Lawyer

"..... I understand your problem: Too much debt, Not enough money."

..... A HUGE problem.


These tough economic times have brought hard-working, honest folks to desperation over everyday finances and lots of questions too!

  • I'm underwater in my house, should I continue paying the mortgage?
  • What do I do about the second mortgage or HELOC?
  • What if I let the repo man takes the vehicle? It's been too tough to make the payments
  • Should I send my most annoying creditor a postdated check, to get him off my back?
  • Is it OK to charge necessary purchases like groceries and gas?
  • How about if I take a 401 K loan? Or cash out my IRA to pay creditors?

Escambia County Bankruptcy Attorney

If you recognize any of these issues, I know that you have more financial problems lurking below the surface. Let's work together to put more than 40 years of legal experience to work for you and your family.

You may qualify for:

  • Debt workout: Not schemes advertised on radio and TV
  • Wage garnishment defense: Get your pay check back
  • Foreclosure defense: Live in your home while I work for you
  • Mortgage cancellation: Lien strip junior mortgage: It's gone!
  • Keep your property, lose your debt: The protection of Chapter 13
  • Fresh Start debt forgiveness: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Cancel IRS income tax debt: It can be done!

YOU CAN remain in denial and think that these problems will somehow disappear without taking action.

If you believe in LUCK, you can throw money at the lottery, or you may hope to receive an inheritance in your mailbox tomorrow. Maybe the "Prize Patrol" will knock on your door with balloons and a huge check.

If you really are a dreamer, THE GOVERNMENT will come to your rescue with a BAILOUT, your home will sell tomorrow, a tax credit will provide help in the nick of time, your unemployment will be extended for as long as you need it, and other government fairy tales will come true.

If you are a person of FAITH, as I, you can pray for financial good fortune. As you know, GOD ANSWERS PRAYER. Sometimes the answer is "yes", sometimes "no", and sometimes "wait".

If you are waiting, lets talk now.

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